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3 Reasons You Need A Couple’s Getaway

couple’s getaway is a unique vacation or weekend away, where couples have the opportunity to connect with each other while avoiding the distractions of everyday life. Over the past few months, you’ve probably been spending more time with your partner than you were before the pandemic started. They may have even turned into your co-worker, executive chef, or masseuse. It’s time to step out of this new normal and get back to where you started with a couple’s retreat. 

1. Celebrate Your Wedding or Engagement 

If you had to put your wedding on pause, you’re not alone. Thousands of engaged couples across the globe have been forced to postpone their big day. Others have come up with alternate ways to celebrate their nuptials, such as intimate ceremonies or virtual weddings. 

Whether you are newly engaged, freshly married, or waiting for the big day, you can benefit from a couple’s getaway. Taking a retreat together is a great way to step back from the stresses of everyday life and enjoy each other’s company. You can add extra relaxation by hitting the spa for a couple’s massage.  

2. Rekindle Your Relationship 

Date night couple's getaway

No matter how much you love your partner, spending a lot of time with them can be difficult. You can fall into such a routine that causes you not to realize or appreciate the time that you are spending together. Routines can become boring. So how do you mix it up? 

A romantic getaway without all the stress of everyday life will allow you to spend quality time with the one that you love.    

3. Create Memories in a New Relationship 

While they are relaxing, couple’s getaways can also be a place for adventure, especially for those in new relationships. Taking a trip together at the start of your relationship can help you get to know your partner from a whole different perspective. Plus, you can create memories that will positively impact your relationship from the start. Sowhether you are relaxing at the spa or day-tripping around Connecticut, every experience is new and exciting! 

Hotels, such as Delamar, offer special packages catered to couples looking to have a staycation together. Learn more about Delamar romance packages and book your getaway together, today! 

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