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7 Reasons to Plan a Micro Wedding

Planning your wedding should be fun and exciting—no matter the circumstances. Here’s how to plan a micro wedding! 

What is a Micro Wedding? 

A micro-wedding is an intimate gathering. Micro weddings typically have anywhere from a handful to 50 guests. Thsmaller-scale wedding is still full of wedding traditions that make your day special and dedicated to you. So, grab your nearest and dearest friends and family for your important day. Here’s why you should have a micro wedding.

1. Micro Weddings Have Smaller Guest Lists 

Choosing who to invite to your wedding can be difficult. Especially when you start to feel guilty about who you should and shouldn’t invite.  

With a micro wedding, you can perfect your guest list and narrow it down to those most important to you. Ask yourself who you feel closest to—both friends and family—then move forward. Mentioning to your guests that you have selected them to attend your intimate ceremony can help avoid hurting anyone’s feelings if they didn’t make the cut. This day is about you, and the people that are closest to you will be there to celebrate. 

2. Flexibility on Wedding Location

With a smaller crowd, you have more venues that are able to accommodate your needs. Choosing where your special day happens affects the entire day, including which guests are able to attend. Since your guest list is lighter, you will be able to figure out what locations will work for everyoneYou might even choose a destination wedding with a hotel that can accommodate you and your guests. 

4. Micro Weddings are Easier to Plan 

Because you are planning for a much smaller group of people, it can be much easier to iron out the details. From the bigger details like reservations to the smaller pieces such as flower bouquets, everything is scaled down, meaning so is your stress level. 

5. Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony  

At Delamar, your wedding is always a personalized experience. Every detail is carefully crafted to fit your dream day. But when you plan a micro-wedding, you have even more opportunities to personalize your ceremony.

When you are surrounded by those who are truly closest to the two of you, your vows could be shared more intimately. The tiny details like wearing a family heirloom or having your dog carry your rings will add personal value to your day. Also, did I mention that your furry friend is welcome at Delamar? 

6. Personalize Your Wedding Guest Experience 

Meaningful touches can be added throughout the ceremony and for your guests, too. Instead of having to fuss over the grand details of a large wedding, you can focus on the small details that matter most. With a smaller guest list, you can handwrite your place cards and hand-pick your party favors. Plus, you are pretty much guaranteed more time with each guest, making the day even more meaningful. 

Wedding at the Delamar

7. Don’t Compromise Your Wedding Celebration 

No one can deny that times are tough. Because the size of social gatherings are currently limited to 50 people or less, large weddings aren’t a possibility right now. Marriage is about compromise, but you don’t have to compromise your big wedding 

Micro weddings are a great way to say your vows without losing the chance to celebrate with loved ones.

Plan a Micro Wedding with Delamar

Delamar Hotel offers a range of wedding packages that are customized to fit your needs and desires. Every detail is carefully planned between you and your Delamar team. So, whether you’re celebrating your private elopement or planning your dream micro-wedding, Delamar is here for you. Contact us today for availability and details and start planning your special day. 

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