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Explore the Outdoors Around West Hartford

Year-round, West Hartford is a joy to behold, no matter the season. While you’re here, we encourage you to step outside and see for yourself: Take to our wildflower-dappled meadows and tree-lined trails, to sparkling reservoirs and historic farms, and discover a sky that shines a little bluer, meadows that glow a little greener, and a Great Outdoors that gleams a little brighter.

From DELAMAR West Hartford, you’re just moments to some of our favorite outdoor wonders, scenic spots, and recreational facilities:

Elizabeth Park Conservancy

Blend a love of history with a hunger for nature, and you’ll find your way to Elizabeth Park Conservancy: 100 acres of walking loops, formal gardens, green spaces, and the recreational outdoors. Public tours cover a range of topics, including Heritage Garden tours, Rose Garden tours, Park History tours, and Tree tours.

West Hartford Reservoirs and Reservoir 6

Uniting five small reservoirs, 3,000 acres of woodlands and trails, and adjoining a sixth reservoir, the West Hartford Reservoirs and Reservoir 6 comprise some of the most beautiful forestland, scenery, and views in the West Hartford area. Red and Blue hiking and biking trails – 3.4 miles and 2.0 miles, respectively – wend through the woodlands and around several of the reservoirs.

Westmoor Park Trail

Open from 7 a.m. through dusk, Westmoor Park Trail is a lovely spot for short walks (the longest trail is about a mile long) and communion with nature. Surrounded by park, farm, and trails, you can peruse wistfully named paths, like the Wet Meadow Trail and Woodland Wildflower Trail; disabled travelers will appreciate the handicapped-accessible Self-Guided Nature Discovery Trail.

Trout Brook Trail

West Hartford’s long-term greenway project, Trout Brook Trail delivers a half-mile-long, eight-foot-wide paved trail, perfect for leisurely walkers and bicyclists. The trail curves through a residential neighborhood and down to the eponymous Trout Brook, a perfect spot for quiet contemplation and natural appreciation.

Outdoors at Hill-Stead

Take to the Great Outdoors at Hill-Stead, a 152-acre historic estate home to extensive gardens and walking trails. From the charmingly overgrown Walking Garden and the octagonal Sunken Garden, to the wildlife of the Pond Loop and the orchards and meadows of Woodland Trail, Hill-Stead promises everything idyllic.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, we hope you’ll enjoy the natural wonders of West Hartford!

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