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Fall Fun in Traverse City

At Delamar, we love summer as much as anyone else, but Fall brings a flash of color that gives the summer sun a run for its money. When the trees are showing off all their colors and the temperature starts to slide down, Traverse City takes on a tone all its own that’s worth seeing. While you’re getting out of town before the winter holidays arrive, consider staying at Delamar Traverse City – dab in the middle of downtown, no other hotel can offer you as much access to the best that Northern Michigan has to offer!

Coffee and Ciders  

No other beverages capture the season, and we want to point you in the best direction for your fill of both! When it comes to Ciders, we recommend stopping by Taproot Cider where ciders both local and international can be found. The Filling Station is another great destination, especially great for any beer connoisseurs for their twenty different microbrews.

In terms of Coffee, Traverse City has no shortage of options! Top of the list are Espresso Bay and Brew, which respectively offer small-batch local brews with people-watching sidewalk seats and an excuse to tour the City Opera House with a coffee in hand. Whichever spot you end up, see if you can get your hands on Higher Grounds or Roaster Jack coffee, both staples of the Traverse City area.

Pumpkin Patches

Whether you haven’t been to one since you were a kid, or if you’re taking the kids to one for their first time, pumpkin patches are a fantastic tradition to welcome fall with. Holman Orchards on the Old Mission Peninsula is the place for your ideal pumpkin patch experience. Seven generations of the Holman family have kept up the farm, and will be celebrating their tenth anniversary of opening up the pumpkin patch to visitors. More than 100 varieties of pumpkins await, some even rare and exotic! Be sure to check it out! 

Color Walks and Vista Views

Two options present themselves to see the change of colors in Northern Michigan: from above and from below! If you’re looking for a more adventurous time in Traverse City, consider booking a tour with Altitude Endeavors for a hot air balloon experience. If you don’t expect to come back to Traverse City anytime soon, then this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch some of Michigan’s best views from an incredible vantage point. Prices vary, but you can expect your hot air balloon ride to take anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half. 

A much more traditional experience of Northern Michigan awaits you on the ground, and we’re happy to clue you in on where some of the best walks are to see the changing of the leaves. The top two on our list are The Timbers Recreation Area and the trails near the Old Mission Lighthouse. The former only takes fifteen minutes to get to from downtown, but has 250 acres of trails winding through natural vistas and historical sites for you to visit. A trip to Old Mission Lighthouse gives you the opportunity to see a 150 year old lighthouse while walking through former cherry orchards, now taken over by a host of native trees.

Where Should You Stay?

Delamar Traverse City offers unprecedented access to beaches and an enthralling downtown scene, with all the luxurious amenities you could want while on vacation. Our staff are excited to go above and beyond to make your fall getaway extra special, so book your stay with us today

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