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How To Prepare For Your Spa Day

A spa day is a perfect way to relax, unwind and pamper yourself. We are open to help address your wellness and beauty needs. Here’s what you need to know before visiting the Delamar Spa. 

Stay Up to Date on COVID-19 Spa Guidelines 

The spa is the destination for those seeking wellness and self-care—that hasn’t changed. Spas still maintain focus on your health and comfort with an added emphasis on your safety. Therefore, there are steps everyone must take to ensure a relaxing and comfortable spa experience. 

Before your visit to the Delamar Spa, make sure to read our most up-to-date arrival guidelines. This way, you can spend your time here unwinding. 

Stay Hydrated for your Spa Day

Drinking enough water on a regular basis is important for more reasons than we can count. But staying hydrated before and after you visit the Spa is vital. Hydration supports your kidneys to detoxify and get rid of unwanted waste. It also largely impacts how you will feel after a massage. 

If you’re getting a massage and your muscles are lacking fluids, you are more likely to feel sore after your massage. Staying hydrated after your massage will keep your muscles from tightening up, which can cause cramping. Make sure to drink up before—but more importantly after—your visit! 

Exercise Before your Massage 

Your gym just opened and you’re excited to start taking your Boot Camp class again, but you have an appointment scheduled at the Delamar with your massage therapist the same day—what do you do? 

Working out can help warm up your muscles which is always helpful prior to a massage. Similar to stretching after a workout, a massage will also help reduce your soreness in the long run by flushing lactic buildup in your muscles. Sign up for the workout class before you see your massage therapist for the most benefits. 

Choose your Spa Treatment 

Your visit to the spa for a spa day should be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, especially during this time of unrestSpas and salons are working hard to keep you safe so that you can jump back to relaxation. 

Making an appointment in advance for your favorite spa treatment is just as easy as it’s always been. Choose a service that is available at the Delamar Spa, such as: 

  • Massages
  • Body Buffs 
  • Manicures 
  • Pedicures 
  • Body Detoxification Treatments 

Visit our website to see a full list of available treatments at each of our three spa locations!  

Book a Virtual Skin Consultation  

In order to keep you and estheticians safe, any services that require you to remove your mask is unavailable. To ensure you are still getting all the care that you need during this time, some spas, like Delamar Spa, offer free virtual consultations. Whether you haven’t been able to receive your normal spa treatments, or you just need a new facial routine, anyone can benefit from a virtual skin consultation.  

During the consultation, you will provide a background of the products you use, your skin’s tendencies, and your environment. Your esthetician will provide you with a detailed skin routine that you can follow from home.  

Contact Delamar Spa today to book your free virtual skin consultation to help your summer glow. 

Purchase your Favorite Spa Products 

Let’s be honest, Biologique Recherche and Valmont products are hard to resist! If you are suffering from dry hands from constant hand washing or need a moisturizer, Delamar estheticians can help suggest the right products for you, like our Hand Nutritive Treatment from Valmont or Emulsion Mains from Biologique RechercheWe also carry all your favorite skin and body care products. 

If you are visiting the spa and would like to make a purchaseyour spa therapist can charge your card on file. You can also shop online for your favorite spa products. 

When Do I Book My Spa Day? 

Delamar Spas are taking additional precautions during your visit. Learn more about what we are doing to keep you safe and book your return to the spa, today! 

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