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Little Changes That Can Inspire Happiness


The past few months have been nothing short of unpredictable. It might seem like our lives have changed entirely during Coronavirus, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Making small changes every day can inspire a big change to your overall happiness.


Do at Least One Thing For Yourself Each Day

There have been some major challenges that every individual in our society has faced this year, including you. So, whatever your situation might be right now, you deserve time to treat yourself. Each day, choose one thing that you love and each day, do that one thing for you. Some ideas of things you can do for yourself:


Get Some Fresh Air and Sunlight

The biggest benefit of working from home is the ability to get some fresh air when you need it. Find time each day to step outside. You might start by moving your home-office to a space closer to a window. Even better, take a stroll outside your neighborhood. If you’re in Connecticut, there are plenty of trails to choose from. Experience the best views of the changing leaves this fall from these West Hartford walking paths.


Don’t Skip Meals

Think you can’t find time in your busy schedule? Take your lunch break at a local restaurant. Even if you need to bring your laptop, the change of scenery can help lighten your spirits. Visit Artisan, West Hartford, and treat yourself to a farm-to-table lunch.


Find Yourself a Welcoming Space

Between working from home and virtual learning, chances are there are a few people at home together. Finding a way to separate yourself from your at-home office is vital to your happiness. Look for a space that you can escape to that makes you feel comfortable and happy. Need some inspiration? A welcoming space can be:


Forgive Yourself

The year 2020 has challenged the strength of both our society and ourselves. Did you have a goal you set for this year that you didn’t reach? What about a plan that fell through? Maybe you didn’t meet all your goals for the year, and that’s ok. Most things that have happened this year are out of your control. Forgive yourself for not doing everything you wanted to, but keep your goals. You’ll meet them one day!


Experience Joyful Moments at Delamar

What little changes have you made this year that has made you most happy? Come to Delamar and experience a joyful moment of your own.

Post your joyful moments on Instagram and tag @delamarhotels to share with us and inspire happiness!


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