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Best Connecticut Beaches for Summer Water Fun

July 22, 2021 8:24 am

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The Connecticut shoreline is home to miles of picturesque beaches and inviting seaside towns brimming with New England charm. During the summer months, these coastal towns come to life with vacationers, a vibrant dining scene, and sunny days at the beach. 

While some beaches are reserved for town citizens only, most are part of the state park system and open to the general public. Here’s our guide to the best beaches to visit in Connecticut this summer, many of which are located just minutes from our Delamar locations.

Calf Pasture Beach – Norwalk 

In addition to the 3/4 of a mile of scenic coastline, visitors to Calf Pasture can enjoy a skate park, picnic tables, baseball/softball, beach volleyball, and a splash pad. There are also special events scheduled all summer long ranging from classic car shows to free concerts. 

Jennings Beach – Fairfield

The largest of Fairfield’s beaches, this large 27-acre sandy beach offers a concession stand, volleyball poles, sailboat storage racks, and amazing views of the Long Island Sound. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer season and even offer swimming lessons. The beach also hosts many family-friendly events such as bonfires and movie nights. 

Sherwood Island State Park – Westport

Known for being Connecticut’s first state park, Sherwood Island State Park is home to spectacular three-color sand beaches. In addition to the tan color you’d expect from beach sand, you can also find red and black colored sand in the mix. The entire park consists of 235 acres of woodlands, wetlands, and sandy shores. Visitors to Sherwood Island can also enjoy the park’s volleyball facilities, kite-flying, and marsh life. 

Silver Sands State Park – Milford

With over a half-mile of shoreline and three-quarters of a mile of all-weather boardwalk, Silver Sands State Park is perhaps best known for its sandbar access to Charles Island. Known as the “thrice-cursed island,” rumor has it that Captain Kidd buried his last treasure here back in 1699. Today, Charles Island is a bird sanctuary and a nesting ground for many sea birds. 

If you’re hoping to walk out to the island, please be aware that the sandbar between the park and Charles Island overwashes twice daily with tidal flooding, producing dangerous currents and undertow. 

Ocean Beach Park – New London

This state park is home to a half-mile of soft sand beach, beautiful views of the Long Island Sound, lighthouses, and nature trails. There is even an Olympic-size swimming pool for some salt-free water fun. The park holds special events throughout the summer months, as well as regular live entertainment on the Boardwalk Stage. 

Rocky Neck State Park – East Lyme

Rocky Neck State Park is home to the half-a-mile long soft-sand West Beach, as well as a boardwalk stretching its length. Visitors to the beach can enjoy food from a large concession area, as well as a bathhouse with restrooms and showers. The 710-acre park also includes hiking trails, camping areas, fishing spots, and salt marsh viewing platforms to watch ospreys, cranes, and herons. 

Rocky Hammonasset Beach Scene

Hammonasset Beach State Park – Madison

With 2-miles of shoreline along the Long Island Sound, the beach at Hammonasset State Park is the largest in Connecticut. A boardwalk accompanies a large stretch of the beach, with concession stands and seating. Visitors can enjoy swimming, saltwater fishing, and camping at the park. Lifeguards are on duty Wednesdays through Sundays. 

Lighthouse Point Park – New Haven

This 82-acre park on Long Island Sound is home to a beach, nature trails, picnic areas, a bird sanctuary, an antique carousel, and the 1847 lighthouse. Dolphins frequent the shoreline, and gopher tortoises can be found in sandy areas. The park is open from sunrise to sunset and there is a $10 admission fee per vehicle. Carousel rides are 50 cents per person. 

Book Your Beach Vacation at Delamar

Location is key when visiting Connecticut. Delamar has three distinct locations throughout the state in Greenwich Harbor, Southport, and West Hartford, allowing you to explore and venture out, while enjoying the utmost level of excellence and luxury in hospitality. The beaches that line the Long Island Sound are available within a few minutes of our Southport and Greenwich Delamar locations, and within a 20-minute drive of Delamar West Hartford.

Summer Activities for Kids in Connecticut

July 1, 2021 12:17 pm

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With kids out of school and summer in full swing, it’s time to head outdoors and enjoy the summer weather. Even though school is out, summer provides a great opportunity to continue learning outside the classroom and to be exposed to new and exciting cultural experiences.

Here is our list of best summer activities in Connecticut for kids and the whole family. 

Enjoy Outdoor Concerts

With several outdoor concerts happening around the state this summer, you can enjoy musical days and nights with your children, family, and friends.

30th Annual Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz  – Bushnell Park, Hartford

July 16-18, 2021

This two-day, three-night festival in Bushnell Park, America’s oldest public park, will feature jazz artists from around the world. Connecticut’s State Capitol Building and Hartford’s skyline will provide a picturesque view as you enjoy the music with your family and friends. The event is free, and attendees are encouraged to bring chairs, blankets, picnic baskets to enjoy the performances. A variety of food trucks and vendors will be on site.

MoCA Outdoor Concert Series – MoCA Westport, Westport

April 30-October 15, 2021

MoCA Westport is bringing back its outdoor summer concerts which will feature a line-up of thirteen Jazz, Pop, and Classical performances. All concerts will be held at MoCA Westport’s outdoor space at 7 p.m. Bring your own lawn chair seating. Food and drinks are available for purchase at each concert. Click here for tickets

Goodspeed By The River – Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam

June 10-September 5, 2021

This summer-long series will offer a variety of musical events under a big tent alongside the iconic Goodspeed Opera House. The Goodspeed Opera House has been the birthplace of some of the world’s most famous musicals, such as Annie, Man of La Mancha and Shenandoah. There is no better place to listen to a new genre of music than Goodspeed. From classic rock concerts to exciting new musicals, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

30th Annual Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz  – Bushnell Park, Hartford

July 16-18, 2021 

This two-day, three-night festival in Bushnell Park, America’s oldest public park, will feature jazz artists from around the world. Connecticut’s State Capitol Building and Hartford’s skyline will provide a picturesque view as you enjoy the music with your family and friends. The event is free, and attendees are encouraged to bring chairs, blankets, picnic baskets to enjoy the performances. A variety of food trucks and vendors will be on site.

A Night of Music Under the Stars – Art Park at Wall Street, Norwalk

May 7-August 22, 2021

The historic Wall Street Theater, opened in 1915 has stood the test of time. Today, this exciting venue is holding numerous live outdoor music concerts throughout the summer months. Click here for a list of their live events and to purchase your tickets. 

Attend a Local Carnival or County/State Fair

Connecticut’s many outdoor festivals and fairs will have your kids and family feasting on cotton candy this summer. Here is a list of a few fairs happening late summer:

The Big E – Springfield, MA

The Eastern States Exposition, also known as the “Big E” or “New England’s Great State fair”, is a 17 day long annual event that begins on the second Friday after Labor Day. This year’s event will take place September 17 to October 3, 2021. While it technically takes place in the neighboring state of Massachusetts, Big E is a multi-state fair inclusive of all six of the New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

This year’s event will feature a 150 ft. high Ferris wheel with 36 climate-controlled gondolas, top-name concerts, daily Mardi Gras parades, Avenue of States featuring replicas of all six New England statehouses, foods from around the world and more!  Click here to learn more and purchase your tickets.

Hebron Harvest Fair – Hebron

This 4-day family-friendly event is being held September 9-12, 2021 at the Hebron Lions Fairgrounds in Hebron, Tolland County, Connecticut. The fair will feature food, live music, rides, a mechanical pull ring, as well as an animal pull ring with draft horses, oxen, steer, and ponies. It’s a great place to get the kids in touch with the agricultural history of Connecticut.

Wapping Fair – South Windsor

The 129th Wapping Fair is taking place from September 9-12, 2021 at Rye Street Park. This year’s fair will feature live music every night, a 20,000 sq feet petting zoo, exotic animals, pony rides, magic shows, and dance numbers. There’s never a dull moment!

Bethlehem Fair – Bethlehem

Established in 1924, the Bethlehem Fair strives to provide agricultural education, and offer a friendly competitive environment with prizes for the best farm and home products. The 96th edition of the Bethlehem Fair will take place September 10-12, 2021, and feature amusement park rides, a food court, a tomato-tasting contest, family theatre, and more!

Enjoy a day at the beach

Go for a hike, take a stroll, go for a swim, or bring a blanket for a picnic with your kids. The beaches along the Long Island Sound are located within a few minutes of our Southport and Greenwich Delamar locations. Some of our favorites include:

Book a Weekend Getaway

Summertime blues? Are the kids feeling lazy? Weekend trips are a great way to energize the family and experience new things. Or you can relax, get out of the house, unwind, and escape without traveling far from home. 

Delamar has three distinct locations throughout the state in Greenwich, Southport, and West Hartford, allowing you to explore and venture about while enjoying the utmost level of excellence in hospitality. When you choose to stay at Delamar, you can rejuvenate with our great amenities and luxurious attention to detail at every turn. Book your stay with us today and enjoy the New England charm in all its glory.

Beautiful Northern Michigan State Parks to Explore This Summer

June 22, 2021 12:23 pm

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There’s no better summer activity than an outdoor getaway to one of the many Michigan state parks. Whether you like camping under a sparkling night sky, hiking, biking, strolling through a forest, or sunbathing on the shores of Lake Michigan, you can be certain there is a state park just for you. 

Here is a list of our favorite Northern Michigan state parks that offer an extensive list of summer activities and fun for the entire family. Before you go, remember that you’ll need a state park pass which allows you to visit more than 100 state parks and recreation areas. The purchase of the pass also helps fund, maintain, and improve the resources you use!

Leelanau State Park 

Located on the tip of Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula, this state park is home to more than 1,550 acres of forests, trails, and beaches for visitors to explore. The park is home to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum, a rustic campground, mini cabins, the park’s trail system, and a sandy beach overlooking Lake Michigan. 

Interlochen State Park 

Located southwest of Traverse City, this was the state of Michigan’s first officially recognized state park. It is located between two well-known fishing and swimming lakes: Green Lake and Duck Lake. Visitors to the park can enjoy camping, paddling, fishing, and swimming. 

Fisherman’s Island State Park 

This lakeside park is home to beautiful rolling dunes and forests lining Lake Michigan. Fisherman’s Island has over 80 rustic campsites, a 2.5-mile hiking trail, and 6 miles of pure Lake Michigan shoreline. 

Wilderness State Park

Wilderness State Park is home to 26 miles of beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline, over 20 miles of trails, designated swimming and pet-friendly beach, and numerous camping grounds. It also has a designated “dark sky preserve” offering stunning views of the night sky without the light pollution of the city. Visitors at the park can enjoy fishing, kayaking, swimming, and wildlife viewing during the summer months. 

Ludington State Park 

With miles of beach shoreline, the iconic Big Sable Lighthouse, and 3 campgrounds, Ludington State Park has something for everyone. In addition, the park boasts over 21 miles of marked trails through scenic sand dunes, forests, and wetlands. A 1-mile stretch of the Big Sable River runs through the park providing excellent opportunities for fishing, paddling, and tubing.

Traverse City State Park 

This small, urban state park is open for camping year-round and offers heated restrooms, biking trails & a beautiful quarter-mile beach. It’s the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the gorgeous summer days for anyone visiting the Traverse City area.

Enjoy the Best of Summer at Delamar Traverse City

As the newest addition to the Delamar family, Delamar Traverse City offers exquisite views of Grand Traverse Bay, a waterfront Restaurant, and is the perfect home base from which to explore Michigan’s numerous state parks and outdoor activities. Book your summer stay with us today!

Summer Skin Protection Tips from the Delamar Spa

June 14, 2021 10:55 am

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Summer is here! As the days get longer and the sun gets brighter, many of us will go on hikes, visit the beach, and go on vacations. As we venture outdoors, it’s important to remember that the sun can be harmful to our skin without proper protection. 

Why is the Sun Harmful for Our Skin?

Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight damages the skin’s DNA, which is the first step to skin cancer development. Two basic types of ultraviolet rays reach the earth’s surface:

  1. UVA rays penetrate deeply into the skin to damage collagen and skin cells. It is responsible for the premature aging of the skin. UVA rays can even pass through glass windows in our homes, cars, and offices.
  2. UVB rays are responsible for producing sunburn and cause your skin to appear tan. These rays also play the greatest role in causing skin cancer. 

Both UVA and UVB rays cause photoaging of the skin, including brown spots, and wrinkling. But research suggests that all damage from the sun, including skin cancer, can be mitigated with proper protection.

Wear an SPF Every Day!

The secret to eternally youthful and healthy skin is a trustworthy and protective SPF. Since UV rays are strongest during the summertime, it’s easy to get sunburned on even the cloudiest days because clouds do not block UV rays. Here are a few sun-protection tips:

There are two main types of sunscreens:

Both are FDA approved and recognized as safe and effective. The one you choose depends entirely on your preference.

Remember: The best sunscreen is one that you will use and continue using. We recommend finding one you love and sticking with it.

Incorporate Antioxidants in Your Skincare Routine.

When our skin is exposed to the sun and environmental pollutants, our body generates free radicals that damage DNA and break down collagen. Antioxidants help your body to stabilize damaging free radicals while protecting, repairing, and preventing further skin damage. 

Incorporate powerful antioxidants into your skin regimen. Use targeting serums with high concentrations of Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Vitamin C, and Vitamin E into your skin regimen to protect and repair your skin. has a wide range of serums for every skin type and concern. Always speak to your dermatologist or one of our highly-trained for specific product recommendations.

SPF Does NOT Cause Vitamin D Deficiency

When the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays interact with your skin, it converts a protein called 7-DHC into vitamin D for your body to use. There is an ongoing belief among many that using sunscreen and other forms of sun protection leads to vitamin D deficiency. This is simply not true. 

Research and studies show that people who use sunscreen daily still maintain their vitamin D levels. This is because no matter how much sunscreen you use or how high the SPF, some of the sun’s UV rays will still reach your skin. Remember, even an SPF 50 only filters out 98 percent of the UVB rays, and that’s assuming that you’ve put on the adequate amount of sunscreen needed. 

Delamar, Hotel, West Hartford, Luxury, Spa, ReservationsAchieve Your Summer Skincare Goals at Delamar Spa

Our award-winning Delamar Spas offer the ultimate destination for those seeking innovative result-driven beauty and wellness treatments. All three of our Delamar Spa locations (GreenwichSouthport & West Hartford) are open for all facials, massages, and body treatments. We partner with Biologique Recherche (BR), the definitive skincare line, and Valmont, the ultimate anti-aging luxury brand, and their extraordinary and highly effective techniques and treatments to help you achieve your skincare goals this summer.

We always recommend a skin consultation whether you’re a new client or a frequent facial client. Our estheticians are also offering virtual skin consultations.

Best Summer Vacation Reads of 2021

10:49 am

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Any summer beach trip would be incomplete without some beach towels, swimsuits, sunscreens, and of course, a “beach read.” From family comedies and memoirs to historical fiction and LGBTQ+ books, here are some of our favorite summer reads that are out now or will be released in the coming months.

Last Summer at the Golden Hotel by Elyssa Friedland

Comedic Drama

A family reunion brings two families together for the summer at the Golden Hotel in the Catskills. As they try to decide on whether to sell or overhaul the Golden Hotel, long-buried secrets surface, and new dramas and financial scandals erupt. This hilarious story is non-stop fun from beginning to end and a perfect book to read while staying at a resort yourself.

A Theater for Dreamers by Polly Samson

Literary Fiction

Travel back to the 1960s and immerse yourself in the Greek island of Hydra, once a mecca of poets, painters, and musicians, and artists. The novel follows the story of Erica as she stumbles into this world where her art, relationships, and her innocence are tested.  

Summer on the Bluffs by Sunny Hostin

Women’s Fiction

Written by Emmy Award winner, lawyer, journalist, and The View co-host Sunny Hostin, the novel follows the story of Ama, owner of Chateau Laveau cottage, and her three goddaughters as they reconnect for the summer at Oak Bluffs. But when Ama announces she’s moving and the house is up for grabs, old ties begin to fray as the three women confront new and old secrets. 

The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe

Teen & Young Adult

This novel tells the story of a young girl who ends up in a hostage situation alongside her now ex-boyfriend and current girlfriend. Talk about awkward!

The book is in the process of being turned into a Netflix original movie starring Millie Bobby Brown.

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Set against the backdrop of Harlem, the debut novel of Zakiya Dalila Harris is a string of uncomfortable and tense events which unfold when two young Black women meet at work. This smart thriller and its social commentary will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

The President’s Daughter by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

After the success of their first collaboration, The President Is Missing, Bill Clinton and James Patterson have joined forces for a second novel. The book tells the story of Matthew Keating, a past president, whose teenage daughter is abducted by a madman, turning every parent’s deepest fear into a matter of national security.

Falling by TJ Newman

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

With non-stop suspense, this book is the perfect summer thriller. 143 passengers board a plane from Los Angeles to New York City. But just minutes after takeoff, the pilot receives a distressing call that his wife and kids are being held at gunpoint at home, and he must crash the plane, or his family will be killed. 

The Son of Mr. Suleman by Eric Jerome Dickey

Contemporary Romance

This is the final novel written by Eric Jerome Dickey who passed away in January, leaving behind a legacy of novels depicting romance and suspense from the Black perspective. His final novel follows an emotional and intense budding romance between a professor from Memphis and an entrepreneur from London. 

House of Sticks by Ly Tran

Memoir & Autobiography

In this intimate, coming-of-age memoir, author Ly Tran recounts her journey from war-torn Vietnam to Ridgewood, Queens. We read her struggle to find her voice and navigate clashing cultural expectations.

Mercury Rising: John Glenn, John Kennedy, and the New Battleground of the Cold War by Jeff Shesol

Non-Fiction & History

The perfect book for history buffs, Mercury Rising re-creates the tension and excitement of the Friendship 7 flight that shifted the momentum of the space race and put America on the path to the moon. 

Book Your Summer Vacation at the Delamar

When it comes to sun-filled days, Connecticut has countless sandy beaches, lush forests and small beach towns brimming with that New England charm. The beaches that line the Long Island Sound are accessible within a few minutes of our Southport and Greenwich Delamar locations. Delamar West Hartford is the perfect home base from which to discover many of Connecticut’s lakes and waterways. Once you’re done exploring and venturing, come back to one of our Delamar locations to enjoy the ultimate level of excellence and luxury in hospitality.

Our newest location in Michigan, Delamar Traverse City, is a full-service upscale resort with exquisite views of Grand Traverse Bay. This waterfront resort offers private watersport rentals, boat charters and cruise excursions, as well as Artisan, our fine dining restaurant. Grab a good book and we’ll meet you by the water!

5 Things to Do this Summer in Traverse City, Michigan

May 25, 2021 1:52 pm

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Located on the banks of Grand Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan, Traverse City is home to beautiful freshwater beaches, an extensive network of trails for hiking and biking, fishing areas, vineyards, a National Lakeshore park, and numerous forests that draw in nearly half a million visitors every year. It is also the home of our newest Delamar location, Delamar Traverse City.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Michigan, or have vacationed in the state before, Traverse City has something to offer for everyone. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Traverse City this summer.

Participate in the Annual Cherry Festival

Mark your calendars for the 95th Annual Cherry Festival, July 3-10th! 

Traverse City is considered the “Cherry Capital of the World” and is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States. The National Cherry Festival was created to celebrate and promote cherries, and the Grand Traverse region. The 2021 event will feature the familiar Porch Parade, as well as events like the Arts & Crafts Fair, the Old Town Car Show, and the Great American Duck Race.

Explore the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Part of the national park system since 1970, Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore encompasses a 35 mi. stretch of Lake Michigan’s eastern coastline. The park is home to miles of picturesque freshwater beaches, forested wilderness areas, and miles of hiking trails, including the multi-use, paved pathway Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail

Visit a Vineyard & Winery

Couple enjoying wine at a Vineyard + WineryThere are about 40 different wineries located throughout the Traverse City region. Lake Michigan provides the perfect natural insulation and fertile soil for the most succulent grapes. Here are a few wineries located near our Traverse City Delamar location:

Nauti Cat Cruises at Bay in Traverse CityEnjoy Boat Tours on Grand Traverse Bay

Experience Traverse City from the water by booking a boat tour. Delamar Traverse City is located on the waterfront and has private charters, sunset cruises & watercraft rentals right here at the resort. Here are a few of our partners for fun on the lake:

Explore Downtown Traverse City

Downtown Traverse City serves as the cultural hub for the Grand Traverse Region and is a shopper paradise. Over 200 specialty shops, boutiques, restaurants, and galleries line the streets of the tree-shaded, pedestrian-friendly downtown. At night, shopping gives way to a vibrant nightlife. 

While you’re strolling down Front Street, be sure to check out the historic City Opera House and the art deco movie theatre in the heart of downtown. 

Enjoy the Best of Summer at Delamar Traverse City

As the newest addition to the Delamar family, Delamar Traverse City offers exquisite views of Grand Traverse Bay, a waterfront Restaurant, and boat charters and cruise excursions. Book your summer stay with us today. It will be a memorable getaway for the entire family.

Our Guide to Wineries in Connecticut

May 11, 2021 1:24 pm

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The warm Spring and Summer months are some of best times for wine tastings. Since the grapes are still growing, wine enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike can witness firsthand how the grapes are grown and harvested, while socializing and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Connecticut is home to dozens of picturesque vineyards and wineries that offer colorful landscapes, wine tastings, picnics, events, and more. Here is a list of some of our favorite wineries and vineyards, all near one of our relaxing Delamar locations.

Gouveia Vineyards – Wallingford

Located high on 140 acres, the winery showcases 360-degree panoramic views of sun-kissed woodlands, open fields and over 22 acres of vineyards. The winery sells meat & cheese and fruit & cheese platters along with sandwiches to go with your wine. But patrons are also encouraged to bring their own meals for a scenic picnic with a glass of one of their 11 award-winning wines.

Crystal Ridge Winery – South Glastonbury

With panoramic views of Hartford skyline to the north and Meriden hillsides to the west, this family-owned vineyard + winery offers visitors a cozy tasting room to enjoy top-quality wines and breathtaking views. 

Crystal Ridge has approximately 10,000 vines and offers about a dozen different wines, including several estate varieties like Chardonnay, a Vignoles, Sangiovese, and a Cabernet Franc.

Jones Winery – Shelton

Snuggled in the stunning White Hills of Shelton, this winery is part of the Jones Family Farms that have been in the Jones Family for over 6 generations.

The Tasting Room is located in a renovated 19th-century historic dairy barn. Guests to the winery get to taste six to seven of the winery’s distinctive wines, learn about Connecticut winemaking and the farm’s history in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The farm also hosts cooking classes, winery events, and other farm events year-round. 

Aquila’s Nest Vineyards – Sandy Hook

Although it’s relatively new, this family-owned winery, tasting room, and event venue provides visitors with delicious drinks, spectacular views, and a space to make connections. The winery and tasting room are located on a hilltop inside a brushed-steel, barn-like building, with breathtaking views of Northern Fairfield County. 

Up until 2019 Aquila’s Nest has planted 8 grape varieties in the 7.5-acre vineyard of the 40-acre farm, including Chambourcin, Marquette, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Cayuga White, Baco Noir, Traminette, and Valvin Muscat.

Priam Vineyards – Colchester

This completely solar-powered winery and sustainable vineyard is in the Salmon River Watershed. The winery produces twelve international award-winning wines that are estate-grown, blended, and bottled. The 40-acre farm has 12,000 grapevines in production, with a breathtaking 35-mile view of the New England countryside.

The winery tasting bar, tasting room, and wine patio are open all year round. You can stop by during business hours for tastings and self-guided tours of the vineyard or book a group tasting and guided tour. 

Paradise Hills Vineyard & Winery – Wallingford

Settled on sixty-five acres of rolling hills and hayfields, this family-owned winery provides a fun place to enjoy the company of family and friends while overlooking their stunning vineyards.

The boutique Tuscan-style wine tasting room features a handcrafted copper bar, decorative chandeliers, and mahogany tables, providing a beautiful setting to relax and enjoy the Connecticut countryside while sipping on a glass of wine.

Connecticut Valley Winery – New Hartford

Experience the charm of a small, family-owned winery while being surrounded by picturesque Litchfield County. The winery features a selection of award-winning wines ranging from reds to whites and specialty wines. 

Be sure to bring some snacks or lunch to enjoy with your wine while sitting out on the patio surrounded by lush vines laden with grapes.

DiGrazia Vineyards & Winery – Brookfield

Founded in 1978, DiGrazia Vineyards grow premium French Hybrid grape varieties exclusively on over 45 acres of land. The winery over 15 wines, ranging from dry to sweet, using estate-grown grapes and local fruits. 

Visitors to the winery and vineyards can enjoy a winery tour, wine tasting, and a picnic area on the patio.

Hawk Ridge Winery – Watertown

With over 58 acres of farmland overlooking the scenic Litchfield Hills, Hawk Ridge grows 8 varietals of grapevines that are used in 11 of their 20 plus different wines. 

Visitors can sit out on their large deck, or an Adirondack chair on our expansive lawn, enjoy live music and sip on the wine of their choosing. Whether you prefer dry or sweet, red, white or rosé, you’re bound to find a wine you like at Hawk Ridge. 

Sunset Meadow Vineyards – Goshen

Located in scenic Litchfield Hills, this family-owned sustainably farmed vineyard operates on over 160 acres of land producing 15 varieties of grapes. 

The winery—located inside an 1800s German Bank Barn—has been featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and has won Gold Medals for 7 different wines. 

Enjoy the Best of Summer at Delamar

With three convenient and dog-friendly locations throughout Connecticut, DELAMAR is the perfect place to unwind and recharge after a day of wine tastings. 

L’escale and Artisan Restaurant have been named Wine Spectator Awarded Wine list, with Artisan being honored with the 2020 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Our Executive Chef Frederic Kieffer artfully creates menus with locally and seasonally inspired dishes, perfect to accompany any of our extensive wine offerings. The sommeliers at each of our restaurants can help choose the perfect bottle to pair with our carefully crafted dishes. Raise a glass and celebrate good friends and family!