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Summer Skin Protection Tips from the Delamar Spa

June 14, 2021 10:55 am

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Summer is here! As the days get longer and the sun gets brighter, many of us will go on hikes, visit the beach, and go on vacations. As we venture outdoors, it’s important to remember that the sun can be harmful to our skin without proper protection. 

Why is the Sun Harmful for Our Skin?

Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight damages the skin’s DNA, which is the first step to skin cancer development. Two basic types of ultraviolet rays reach the earth’s surface:

  1. UVA rays penetrate deeply into the skin to damage collagen and skin cells. It is responsible for the premature aging of the skin. UVA rays can even pass through glass windows in our homes, cars, and offices.
  2. UVB rays are responsible for producing sunburn and cause your skin to appear tan. These rays also play the greatest role in causing skin cancer. 

Both UVA and UVB rays cause photoaging of the skin, including brown spots, and wrinkling. But research suggests that all damage from the sun, including skin cancer, can be mitigated with proper protection.

Wear an SPF Every Day!

The secret to eternally youthful and healthy skin is a trustworthy and protective SPF. Since UV rays are strongest during the summertime, it’s easy to get sunburned on even the cloudiest days because clouds do not block UV rays. Here are a few sun-protection tips:

There are two main types of sunscreens:

Both are FDA approved and recognized as safe and effective. The one you choose depends entirely on your preference.

Remember: The best sunscreen is one that you will use and continue using. We recommend finding one you love and sticking with it.

Incorporate Antioxidants in Your Skincare Routine.

When our skin is exposed to the sun and environmental pollutants, our body generates free radicals that damage DNA and break down collagen. Antioxidants help your body to stabilize damaging free radicals while protecting, repairing, and preventing further skin damage. 

Incorporate powerful antioxidants into your skin regimen. Use targeting serums with high concentrations of Vitamin A (Retinol), Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Vitamin C, and Vitamin E into your skin regimen to protect and repair your skin. has a wide range of serums for every skin type and concern. Always speak to your dermatologist or one of our highly-trained for specific product recommendations.

SPF Does NOT Cause Vitamin D Deficiency

When the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays interact with your skin, it converts a protein called 7-DHC into vitamin D for your body to use. There is an ongoing belief among many that using sunscreen and other forms of sun protection leads to vitamin D deficiency. This is simply not true. 

Research and studies show that people who use sunscreen daily still maintain their vitamin D levels. This is because no matter how much sunscreen you use or how high the SPF, some of the sun’s UV rays will still reach your skin. Remember, even an SPF 50 only filters out 98 percent of the UVB rays, and that’s assuming that you’ve put on the adequate amount of sunscreen needed. 

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