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Teambuilding Activities & Meeting Venues in Southport, CT

Let’s face it: Love ’em or hate ’em, team building exercises can serve an important role at a meeting, conference, work retreat, or other business event. They’re ways for coworkers or attendees to get to know one another better—and maybe indulge in a bit of casual brainstorming as they do.

Here at Delamar Southport, we offer exceptional facilities and accommodations for meetings, with function spaces ready to serve as many as 150 people. But when it comes to making your event as smooth, productive, and enjoyable as possible, our services extend beyond our multiple venues, state-of-the-art technology, and across-the-board hospitality. We can help you in the teambuilding department, too!

Indeed, we offer a number of on-site and high-value team-building packages that we like to think are perhaps a bit more fun and stimulating than your run-of-the-mill problem-solving sessions. Without further ado, let’s run through some of your options!


Yoga Break

What better way to focus the mind, tend to the body—and maybe even cultivate some of those spontaneous, bolt-from-the-blue ideas that can totally revamp a business strategy—than a round of yoga? We’ll happily set your team(s) up for a group yoga break as a way to enhance proceedings.



Nothing like winding down a hard day’s work with some well-earned cocktails, right? Our Mixology package gives your attendees a more hands-on approach to cocktail hour: We’ll break folks up into groups and let them exercise their creativity and communication skills—and, of course, enjoy some relaxed socializing—as they scheme up some one-of-a-kind mixed drinks!


Wine Pairing Dinner

Or why not lubricate the goings-on with a wine-pairing dinner expertly guided by a personal sommelier? Four to five courses will come accompanied by the perfect vino, with some fascinating insights into different terroirs—and a whole lot of delicious flavors—part of the proceedings.


Culinary Journey with Executive Chef Frederic Kieffer

Speaking of delicious flavors, we also offer the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with our very own Executive chef, Frederic Kieffer. The mastermind of our beloved farm-to-table restaurant Artisan will reveal some of his inspirations, his favored ingredients, and the farmers he works with to put such New England bounty on the plate.


Southport Photo Safari

Southport’s too beautiful not to get out in it—even when you’re here on business! Take advantage of our Southport Photo Safari package, which breaks you up in groups and sends you out with a checklist we provide (along with water and snacks) on a photo-safari through our historic hamlet. From the snapshots you all post on Instagram, we’ll select a winner and award them a special prize. To top everything off, you’ll get to conclude your photo safari with a cocktail at Artisan Restaurant!


Off-Site Options

From ziplining to theatergoing to hiking, we can recommend a whole slew of offsite team-building outings within easy reach of Delamar Southport.


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