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The Best Fine Dining in Traverse City

There’s nothing quite like a meal you’ve been looking forward to, or the ones that surprise you with how delectable they end up being! Thankfully, Traverse City has no shortage of options for meals to enjoy. With plenty of exceptional bites near Delamar, you can make your next getaway a culinary tour of the region’s best eats.

Seafood – As Far As Your Eyes Can See

As close as Traverse City is to Lake Michigan, it should be no surprise that seafood is as plentiful as it is delicious. Top of our recommendations are these two fine dining options: The Boathouse Restaurant and Red Ginger.

The Boathouse Restaurant is located on the Old Mission Peninsula, and provides prime seating to look out onto the bay and take in both the natural view and the cottage decor of the restaurant. Their menu boasts local, farm to table fare, including oysters, crab claws, king salmon, halibut, and much more. If a member of your party is less than thrilled with the prospect of seafood, have no fear! They also offer salads and various steak dishes as well.

Red Ginger is the Pan-Asian restaurant of choice in Traverse City. We could go on about the variety of cuisines and options that they have on hand to offer you, from Thai-style curries to salmon dishes and Vietnamese beef to Japanese-inspired pork belly, but we know that once you sit down any one of their dishes will speak for themselves. We do want to note that they also have a full sushi menu to offer you as well! 

Italian – A Feast For More Than Just Your Eyes

It’s unlikely that you find anything in Traverse City’s restaurants that compete with your nonna’s cooking, but then again that’s a competition nobody could win. If you’re still hankering for simple and delicious cuisine, rich with pastas, sauces, and cheese, then look no further than Trattoria Stella and Pepe Nero.

Trattoria Stella is located further past downtown than our other recommendations, right before the intersection of Cottageview and Silver Dr, but is well worth the trip! They showcase the quality of Upper Michigan’s local farms with their selection of local food sources, and to great effect in their menu. More traditional dishes like fettuccine with lamb meatballs sit next to chicken saltimbocca and beef tenderloin cotolette, and of course they have no shortage of wine – 400 different varietals to be exact. No matter what you decide to eat or drink, we’re sure they’ll treat you like family. 

PepeNero, meaning “black pepper” in English, is similarly distanced from Traverse City proper as Trattoria Stella, but provides different and unique offerings that separate it from its competition. In lieu of simpler pastas, they offer pappardelle with baby back rib ragu and cannelloni with spinach ricotta filling. Their entrees have a blend of simple dishes with refined embellishment, like polenta with black truffle and foie gras sauce or a rack of lamb with pistachio puree.  

Our Personal Recommendation 

Artisan Traverse City is an award-winning restaurant willing and able to cater to all of your cuisine needs! Their mix of soups and salads cover Michigan classics like clam chowder and maple peach salads, and entrees for everyone: pasta alla soffritto, pan seared salmon, and wagyu hanger steak. While visiting Delamar, you have all this, their extensive cocktail menu, and more just an elevator trip away! 

If You’ve Started Making Reservations…

Make your tour of Traverse City bites just a little bit sweeter by visiting Delamar Traverse City! Here, you have access to not only all of the restaurants we listed above, but also our luxurious accommodations and unparalleled beachside access. Be in the heart of a bustling downtown while on vacation and book a room with us today! 

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