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Tips to Change Up Your Skincare Routine for Fall

Fall is finally here! As trees turn into a sea of red, orange, and yellow and we slip into cozy sweaters, it’s time to embrace the cooler weather and change our skin care regimen to deal with the dry air and even drier skin.

Here’s how you can maintain your summer glow all year long with fall skincare tips from Delamar Spa estheticians. 

Continue wearing your sunscreen

Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight damages the skin’s DNA, which can lead to premature aging as well as skin cancer. But research suggests that all damage from the sun, including skin cancers, can be prevented by protecting your skin from UV radiation. While UV rays are strongest during the summertime, they’re still present throughout all four seasons. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher at all times that will protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Don’t forget to reapply every 2 hours if you’re in direct sunlight.

Switch to a thicker moisturizer

The drop in humidity during the fall and winter months can cause your skin to feel tight and dry. Switch to thicker, hydrating creams that will help your skin retain moisture. 

Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin that help to hydrate your skin and keep water in. Moisturizers with ceramides, which are essential and healthy fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin, also help to replenish dry and compromised skin. 

Don’t forget about your body lotion

We sometimes tend to forgo body moisturizers during the summer months. But as the summer humidity ends, your skin will start to feel dry and itchy as there is less moisture in the air to help keep it hydrated. This can also exacerbate conditions like eczema. 

Load up on thick, hydrating moisturizers to keep your skin protected and allow it to remain fresh. 

Cut back on exfoliating

Regular exfoliation during the summer is a great way to clear your pores and help against breakouts caused by high humidity. But as the weather gets colder, it’s best to cut back on ingredients like retinoids, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid. Dry skin during the winter is much more prone to irritation, inflammation, and itchiness. Cut down your AHAs, BHAs, and retinoids to only once or twice a week. 

Invest in a Humidifier

We rely on central heating systems to survive the winter but they, unfortunately, suck moisture out of the air. The dry heat in your home, apartment, or office can also disrupt your skin barrier and lead to dryness and irritation. Invest in a humidifier during the fall and winter to increase hydration at home and add moisture to the indoor air. 

Book an appointment with an esthetician

Estheticians have seen it all: acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, extreme sensitivity. Your skin changes with the seasons and age, which means skincare techniques and products need to change with it. During your appointment, an esthetician will analyze and clean your skin with an array of luxury cleansers, exfoliators, masks, serum treatments, and creams to reveal a revitalized complexion, as well as recommend the best skin care regimen for your skin needs. Our award-winning Delamar Spas offer the ultimate spa destination for those seeking innovative result-driven beauty and wellness treatments. All three of our Delamar Spa locations (Greenwich, Southport & West Hartford) are open for all facials, massages, and body treatments. Book an appointment with one of our Delamar Spa estheticians and get a facial to start the fall season.

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