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Wedding Spa Packages in Greenwich, CT

Delamar Greenwich makes the perfect place for a wedding. Not only that, but it’s the ideal place to celebrate a leadup to a wedding: We’ve got some special spa packages for the bride-to-be!

Our goal is to make that special day as utterly magical as it deserves to be, and that means full-on bridal pampering up in our very own Delamar Spa. Our resident beauty experts and therapists are on hand to make your face and body downright luminous in anticipation for walking that aisle and saying those vows!

Delamar Spa Services for the Months Ahead of the Wedding

We have a recommended course of spa treatments to prepare you for your nuptials, the idea being to usher you on a vivifying and beautifying journey that crescendos to the big event. In the six months or so leading up to the wedding, we suggest partaking of several treatments of our Deep Cleaning Facial and Detoxifying Body Wrap services as well as Eyebrow Shaping and Face & Body Waxing.

The Day Before: The “Bride to Be” Package

Before you know it, the ceremony will be just around the corner: Amid all the distractions of planning and logistics, it has a way of doing that. For the day before the wedding, we offer the Bride to Be Package proper, a combination of a Body Buff, Delamar Massage, and Expert of Light Facial. This wellness cycle isn’t just about smoothing and stimulating your skin so that you’re looking as bright and beautiful as can be come next day: It’s also about relaxing those stress-tight shoulders, calming your mind, and focusing you on the magic of the experience you’re about to undergo.

Other Spa-Tastic Options

These wedding-focused treatment bundles are only some of the spa packages you can take advantage of here at the Delamar Greenwich, not least the Ultimate Spa Package overnighter. Whether you’re seeking some “me-time” rejuvenaton or you’re bringing along some of the bridal party as well, we’re here to serve!

Delamar Spa: Proudly Serving Brides-to-Be

Enhance the look and feel of your skin while warding against that all-too-common pre-wedding stress with bride-to-be spa services from the Delamar Greenwich. It’ll be our honor to play a part in your matrimonial journey!

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