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Winter Skin Protection Tips from Delamar Spa

There are a lot of positive things that come with winter: the holidays, family gatherings, New Year’s celebrations, and the crisp fall of snow. But it is also one of the most challenging times to keep your skin hydrated and happy. With the drop in atmospheric humidity, your skin has to work extra hard to maintain its hydration, leading to red, chapped, and dry skin. While winter’s variables pose a challenge to skin care, there is a solution. Our estheticians at Delamar Spa compiled their knowledge to help you keep your body happy and healthy through the winter:


The best way to get ahead of the storm is to plan a care regimen that prepares your skin for the changing season. However, this doesn’t mean you had to begin planning in the fall! Instead, listen to your body’s needs and adapt your care routine to find a balance. To prime for preparation, begin your mornings with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip natural oils, followed by a light moisturizer that lasts through the day. We recommend Biologique Recherche’s Lait VIP 02, a gentle and milky cleanser great for all skin types and ideal for harsher climates.  

In the evenings, it’s a rinse and repeat with a few modifications depending on how your skin fared during the day. But the general rule of thumb is a gentle cleanser and rich moisturizer that actively hydrates through the evening. An excellent hydrating moisturizer is Gel ADN Silkgen, a product designed for all skin types that tones and hydrates skin with anti-aging properties. 

One thing to consider is that while there might not be much sun during the winter, there are still ultraviolet rays. A great choice that actively hydrates and protects your skin from UV rays is the Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield – we love how light and invisible this product feels!


Protect your skin by applying a serum that locks hydration in and deflects pollution. Note that while scented products smell great, they may be best to avoid during the winter as fragrances can inflame already irritated skin. One of our annual favorites is Valmont’s Moisturizing Booster which immediately and deeply hydrates all layers of skin.

Don’t forget about your lips! Many balms only apply a thin film that easily wipes off, causing further irritation. Finding the right lip balm that actively hydrates while providing a barrier between the dry air and your skin is a must. Valmont’s Prime Lip Repair has swooped in and saved us countless times during the dryer seasons! 


Even when you maintain a rigorous skin care regimen and apply precautionary products, there will always be those spots of inflammation and dryness that slip through the cracks. While it may sound redundant, simply taking that extra time to apply serums and moisturizers to ensure products are evenly distributed is a good start – think of your routine as a wellness ritual instead of a chore, it can make all the difference.  

Another great way to nurture your skin is by applying strategic face masks every so often – your skin will let you know when it is time. A great holistic mask to try is Valmont’s Moisturizing with a Mask which swiftly hydrates with one use and has lasting results. Also consider a gentle exfoliator every other week to remove dead skin build-up and rejuvenate your natural radiance. 

Nourish Your Skin This Winter

When it comes to nourishing your skin during the winter, the secret is that there is no secret. Your skin is just as unique as you and that means finding a regimen that works for you. However, we know that while listening to your body, it’s not always easy to interpret its needs. Visit Delamar Spa and speak to one of our estheticians to gain tailored insight on products that are especially designed for your skin, and indulge in a customized treatment to boost your journey to a happier and healthier body for the holidays! 

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