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Witness MAGIC at the DELAMAR

Suspend your disbelief and think back to a time when you believed in magic.

That time is now, again. We are proud to announce the debut of MAGIC at the DELAMAR, a series of rare and intimate magic performances – modern miracles, if you will.

These shows will be offered at our three locations throughout February, March, and April, and will be housed in cozy venues with very limited seating. You’ve never seen magic this enchanting, this up-close, or this enjoyable.

No journey is the same, but each begins with a glass of wine, adds astonishment and laughter, and ends with an entirely new understanding of the word “impossible.” Or rather, “possible.” Because you won’t believe what these illusionists can do.

Modern Miracles at the DELAMAR

Beginning February 17 and offering four events (eight performances) per month, DELAMAR’s three properties will host limited-seating magic shows, featuring magic’s biggest names: Mac King of Direct from Las Vegas; Tom Pesce of More than Magic; Steve Kradolfer & Joel Acevado of Boston’s Best; Asi Wind of Concert of the Mind; Jon Stetson of America’s Master Mentalist; and Chad Long of Expect the Unexpected.

Our first show debuts February 17th at the DELAMAR Greenwich Harbor, with seatings at 2 pm and 5 pm. Mac King, the magician behind Las Vegas’s longest-running show at Harrah’s Hotel –– and, according to Penn and Teller, “the greatest comedy magician in the world” – will perform.

Next up: Tom Pesce, a funny, high-energy performer who receives rave reviews as a hot new star in the magic world – and is the established and go-to magician for corporate performances, as well. Then, Steve Kradolfer and Joel Acevedo take the stage for their astounding Four-Handed Illusions show, a regular sellout at Boston’s Parker House.

20% Discount on your DELAMAR Stay

When you book MAGIC at the DELAMAR, we’ll add a little of our own magic to your stay: 20% off your guest room, at any of our properties. For unparalleled luxury and distinctive charm, just enter the code MAGIC when making your reservation.

Brunch Before. Dinner After.

The perfect pairing to magic and illusion: a meal at DELAMAR: Artisan restaurant (Southport and West Hartford locations), known for its farm-to-table cuisine and menus inspired by local and seasonal flavors; and L’escale (Greenwich Harbor), featuring seasonal Mediterranean cuisine and an exquisite, Provence-inspired waterfront ambiance.

Reserve your Show

For more shows, show times, and other details, please visit MAGIC at the DELAMAR.

Please note that MAGIC at the DELAMAR will be upscale, five-star events – available to guests 15+ and formal attire is required.

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