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Monthly Spa Recipe

Chicken Paillard with Baby Greens Salad


by Executive Chef Frederic Kieffer


Cut the chicken breast in half. Place it in between 2 pieces of plastic film. Pound the breast with a meat tenderizer until it is about 3 mm thick


Make an egg wash by mixing one whole egg, season it with salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper.

Make the breading mix by combining half  panko breadcrumb (lightly powdered with a robot coupe) and half grated parmesan.


Season the chicken cutlet with salt and pepper. Dredge the the cutlet in the flour first, then the egg wash then the breadcrumb mix. If too thick, the breast can be replaced into plastic film and pounded a bit more.


Over medium heat cook the paillard with a little olive oil on a large skillet or frying pan.


Combine some local baby greens with sliced tomatoes, sliced red onion, sliced cucumber. Dress it with dijon mustard dressing.


Place the paillard in the center of the plate, place the salad right on top, finish with a little freshly grated parmesan.