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Yen Yoga Studio will be providing classes at Delamar. Classes will be socially distanced and may be taken without shoes on. Classes are open to the public and to our guests.

Class Registration:

To register for classes, please visit  A 20% discount code is available for our hotel guests. To receive the DELAMAR yoga discount, please call our concierge 231-947-3700 along with your guestroom confirmation number. 

Kindly note, guests will not be able to sign up for classes with our front desk, registration must be made at

Wellness Schedule: 



A mat-based strengthening and sculpting class that targets, of course, your arms, abs and the most important ASSets. A challenging cardiovascular workout, this class will focus on core as well as sculpting and toning from head to toe. Get ready to sweat as you focus on achieving awesome abs, strong arms and other amazing ASSets. Shoes are not required for this class.

Slow Burn Yoga

This slower-paced, yet challenging, slow-flow practice will help to build strength, stamina, and flexibility. The slow flow will emphasize moving from the core using slow progressive, vinyasa sequences with longer holding standing and core postures. It is in the intensity of slowing down that we create the “burn” making us strong from the inside – out, cultivating outer strength from our deeper inner strength.

Sculpt and Stretch

We’re mixing it up in this class by combining stretch exercises and resistance work.

Sculpt is a non-impact, mat-based class to condition and sculpt all body parts. With equal emphasis on upper and lower bodywork, you will get great muscle tone on your arms, shoulders, legs, and hips and increase your core strength by conditioning the abdominals and back. This is a challenging class with exercises designed to tighten, trim and tone your physique and flexibility exercises to release and stretch the muscles.

This class will result in leaner muscles, improved joint mobility, and a body free of tension that moves with ease, feels stronger, and leaves you energized and ready for your day.


Yoga Mats:

Yen Yoga will have a bin full of sanitized mats available for use.