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Greenwich Spa Treatments

DELAMAR Greenwich Harbor Spa


Located on the hotel’s second floor, our full-service day spa offers three treatment rooms (including two couples’ treatment rooms) in which to enjoy an extensive selection of massages therapies, facials and body treatments. Guests can also enjoy a full-service nail salon by Beautiful Nails.

Our therapists are leaders in their field and their treatments incorporate the exclusive, renowned Valmont and Biologique Recherche (BR) products.



Delamar Spas would like to announce that online booking is back for our West Hartford and Greenwich Harbor locations. As online appointment requests are submitted, they are not a guaranteed time slot until someone from the Spa reaches out to confirm the appointment(s) booked. Delamar Spa reserves the right to change or move appointment(s) to adhere the max occupancy level due to the Covid-19 State of Connecticut Regulations. Please note, our relaxations rooms and changing areas are temporarily closed until further notice.

Spa hours are Sun – Sat 9am-7pm
For any inquiries please email us at: spa@thedelamar.com or call us at: 203.413.3520






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DELAMAR Custom Facial 60/90 Min – $190/$270

This hyper customized facial is for all skin types.
Each DELAMAR facial begins with a skin analysis and
consultation by our highly trained expert estheticians.
A bespoke cocktail of products & techniques is used,
leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized, and radiant.

Biologique Remodeling Face Facial 60/90Min – $290/$350

Our signature anti-aging facial will instantly rejuvenate,
firm, tighten and lift your skin. This treatment uses our
state-of-the-art Bio-electrotherapy Remodeling Face Machine,
to tone, tighten and shape facial muscles attempting to prevent
or procrastinate the need for more invasive treatments.
Forty-six individual muscles will be stimulated to activate
firming and lifting muscle memory. For best results, we
recommend six weekly treatments to improve facial muscle
memory, followed by monthly treatments for maintenance.

Seconde Peau 60 Min – $350

An alternative to fillers, this innovative treatment combines
electrospun patches of concentrated hyaluronic acid infused
with the lifting and regenerating ingredients of serum Seconde
Peau to visibly lift the facial features and treat the signs of
aging. The remodeling machine is used to stimulate the
regeneration of the targeted areas. This repairing treatment
increases the skin’s firmness, reduces deep wrinkles, and
brightens your complexion.

Micro-Puncture Lab 90 Min – $425

Mesotherapy using a .25 ml needle. Biologique Recherche
spent time perfecting this needling therapy that does not
puncture the dermis but treats discoloration and radically
stimulates collagen. This treatment includes a face collagen
mask to calm and restore the skin. Some redness may occur
for a day or two, leaving astonishing results.



Energy of the Glacier 60 Min – $360

This treatment revitalizes skin by stimulating cell oxygenation
and dissolving any sign of fatigue. The skin revels in newfound
energy and vigor, while your complexion will appear fresh and
radiant Valmont products are celebrated for their patented
intact DNA where your face regains suppleness, comfort and
glow. For enhanced results, an application of medical grade
collagen is added for optimal plumping.

Luminosity of Ice 60 Min – $295

Valmont’s brightening & radiance facial combines HP DNA
with Zinc, creating an anti-aging and soothing facial. This treatment
includes the legendary Valmont medical grade collagen face
mask. The zinc and HP DNA noticeably improve skin luminosity.
This facial is perfect on the day of the wedding, or for a special
event. A series imparts significant brightening.

Ionix Light Facial 90 min – $600

Starting with a calming topical cleansing, your esthetician will
perform a diamond dermabrasion, providing deep exfoliation
to prepare the skin for pure oxygen and light permeation.
Deep hydration is then applied through a high-pressure
oxygen spray. The exclusive biosonix combines ultrasound
with LED light to deliver serum, moisturizer, and vitamins
deep inside the epidermis. Another exclusive is the Myolight
microcurrent combined with LED light to firm, tone, tighten
and contour, and retrain the scaffolding muscle structure
on your face. Oxylight LED light panel as pure 02 is silently
absorbed into the skin.



Microdermabrasion 20Min – $80

Celluma LED Light Therapy – $95

Peels – $85+

ELEVAI Post-Treatment E-Series™ – $150



Hair Removal

Brow or Lash Treatments



Slimming Body Contour 90Min– $250

Starting with gentle exfoliation, this treatment combines
bio-reflex massage techniques with a unique complex formulated
to tone and refine the epidermis. The treatment continues with
a massage of essential oils and specific creams curated to your
skin needs. Through increased blood circulation and elimination
of toxins, cellulite will be reduced and the silhouette visibly

Detox Body Wrap 90Min – $280

Beginning with a gentle exfoliation, this treatment stimulates
the elimination of toxins, excess water, and fat. The combination
of algae with essential oils, thyme, lemon, peppermint, and
cypress has both a detoxifying and oxygenating effect.

Body Buff – $140

Using Valmont cellular refining scrub, this treatment eliminates
unwanted skin cells and nourishes your skin with specially
harvested Rose Oils (Omega 3, 6 and 9). Your skin is visibly
smoother and prepared for enhanced penetration of products.
Rediscover the softness of your baby skin.



DELAMAR Custom Massage 60/90/120 Min – $160/$250/$310

The healing power of touch. Relieve your aching muscles
& revive your senses with this powerful hyper customized

Balancing Stone Massage 60/90/120 Min – $220/$265/$370

Feel the warmth. Therapeutic heat releases muscle tension
through locally gathered stones that are placed on specific
energy points. Tensions vanish.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 90Min– $300

MLD is a gentle massage, intended to encourage the natural
drainage of the lymph, that carries waste out for elimination.
MLD improves the function of the lymphatic system, alleviating
symptoms of post-surgical swelling, auto-immune disorder,
fibromyalgia & post traumatic edema, (sports injuries, plastic
surgery and liposuction. This treatment promotes relaxation
and skin detoxification, including reducing swelling and pain
to expedite your healing time. Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Massage sessions are customized to each client’s needs.

Time for Two

Choose from any one of our Massages, Body, or Facial treatments & curate your own couple’s experience

Price a la Carte 

Choose from any one of our Massages, Body, or Facial
treatments & curate your own couple’s experience.


Paraffin (hand or feet) $40 – each

Targeted Hot Stones $20

Aromatherapy $25

Scalp Massage or Foot massage 20 Min– $45

Collagen Eye Mask – $60

Collagen Face Mask – $100